Little Memo My First Game - Djeco

SKU: DJ08552

• A clever game of hide and seek in a beautiful garden, can you find the garden creature who is hiding?
• It's a game of garden mystery as you try to figure out who's missing, it's a game of preschool deductive reasoning, exploration and surprise
• Develops skills in turn taking, observation, deductive reasoning, logic and process of elimination
• Contains 9 garden creature figurine toys, 30 tokens and a special garden box
• 2 to 4 players, 10-minute playing time, ages 2 _ to 5 years

Contents: 9 soft-touch plastic figures (butterfly, ladybird, bee, snail, hedgehog, frog, caterpillar, tortoise, dragonfly), 1 cardboard box, 30 flower tokens. Game rules in 10 languages.
Recommended for ages 2.5 -5 years
Design by: Nathalie Choux