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Astronomical Telescope with 100x Magnification, Finderscope, Compass, Aluminum Tabletop Tripod, and Instruction Manual Set your sights on the Moon and beyond! With this excellent entry-level telescope, Thames & Kosmos continues a long tradition of inspiring people to reach for the stars. This high-quality refractor telescope with glass optics allows for countless exciting space observations. With it, you can see the Moon and its craters in good detail; Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and more! Terrestrial observations on Earth are also possible. The included instruction manual guides you through setting up and using the telescope. Learn how to use a telescope See the moon, planets, and stars Perfect beginner telescope 20x and 100x magnification Includes everything you need to start your astronomical observations Includes: Refractor telescope High-quality glass optical lenses 400-mm focal length 40-mm objective lens Aluminum tube Dew shield Precision focus adjustment knob Finderscope (5 x 18; 5x magnification with 18-mm aperture) Built-in compass Aluminum tabletop tripod with altitude and azimuth adjustment knobs Low-power eyepiece (20 mm) High-power eyepiece (4 mm) Diagonal mirror Dust covers Instruction manual